Organic Cotton Produce Bag

Organic Cotton Produce Bag


100% organic cotton reusable produce bag are a perfect step towards creating a low waste lifestyle. Plastic bags, which are made from fossil fuels, often end up in the landfills and oceans, and are easily mistaken as food by birds and other wildlife.


The 12” x 13” produce bag is made with organic undyed cotton mesh fabric, which will provide a light & breathable way to store and hold your fruits, veggies, or bulk goods. Bags can be hung for ventilation, or placed into the fridge to keep your crispers organized. Seams are professionally serged for durability.

  • Material

    Organic Cotton

  • Use and Care

    Machine wash & dry safe with regular laundry. Please wash before use, and allow for 10-20% shrinkage.

  • End of life

    Our products are made with 100% organic cotton. At the end of its life, simply place them into the compost, and allow for the cotton to biodegrade over 1-5 months.